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Event locations

Event locations

Aqualibi has the perfect location for any event

As an event location, Aqualibi nourishes the inspiration and creativity of your guests. After all, a stimulating event location means: an effective meeting, successful team-building, a unique training session or a productive incentive. And whatever your objective, you can be certain that your company event will be remembered by your guests for years to come.

Swimming pool

Forget about traditional meeting rooms or incentives! Consider, for example, multifunctional meeting rooms overlooking a breathtaking subtropical world and wonderful greenery. You have the possibility of renting this aquatic park either entirely or partially during the day or evening, throughout the whole year.

What about organising a network event around the swimming pool? Or have you ever considered a VIP event in an exotic setting? Or would you prefer to concentrate on an intellectual evening that is rounded off with a stylish water ballet?

Palm Beach

In our self-service restaurant, we serve tasty hamburgers and French fries and ice cream! But this restaurant has even more to offer! You can also have exclusive use of this location. The fresh, contemporary décor and design reminds you immediately of a summer bar. Another positive point is that all the tables and chairs will be available!


The lounge is a smaller yet really nice location. Ideal as a reception area or for networking! Seating up to 50 people, this could be an ideal location for a limited group of invited guests