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A period of works will be between August 28, 2023 and December 21, 2023. The waterpark will be closed during this period.

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Frequently asked questions

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  • Where can I eat in the park?

    The Palm Beach Club is accessible from the pool and offers a range of products for all tastes. There is something for all the family with a range of suitable products. 

    Picnicking inside the restaurant and Aqualibi is not permitted.

  • Are picnics allowed in the park?

    Picnicking inside the restaurant and Aqualibi is prohibited.

  • I have food allergies/intolerances

    The list of allergens can be consulted at each of our outlets.We invite you to ask our staff when you visit.

  • Is there a vegetarian offer?

    We have an extensive vegetarian offer in our various outlets.
    We only use vegetable oil for cooking.